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Telephoning language test (for 13 March, 2012)

Task No. 1.

What will you say on the phone? Use the telephone phrases from Activity 2 on page 66:

1) You want to know the caller's name. You say:

2) The person  (Mr Green) that the caller wants to speak to is not in the office at the moment. You say:

3) You would like the person who your are talking to on the phone to wait. You say:

4) You are calling ABC Company. The secretary is taking your call. You want to speak to Ms Adams, the chief accountant. You say:

5) Someone is calling your company. The person they want to speak to is not in the office. Ask them if they have any message for that person. You say:

6) Someone is calling and wants to speak to Mr White. Mr White is in another room but you can transfer the call. You say:

Task No. 2

Go to http://speakspeak.com/resources/general-english-vocabulary/telephone-language and find more phrases that you can use in the situations described in Task 1.