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Assignment for 2011-11-28


Flat in Ringsand pp 24-34.


  1. Was Jo glad to invite Gerry and Christy? What were they going to do/ What did Jo think about it?
  2. How did Jo's flat mates react when Jo and the men came home? Were they offended?
  3. how did jo feel in the morning?
  4. Was she conscience-stricken the whole day long? Did she practice her apologies?
  5. How long had Jo been in Dublin?
  6. Had Jo a temptation to run away home?

Agree or disagree

Use the following: certainly, of course, sure, you are right, quite correct; I'm afraid that's wrong, on the contrary, surely not, you are mistaken. Do not simply state "Yes" or "No"

  1. She knew that she could turn to them in the brightly lit street and say "I'm sorry, I've changed my mind."
  2. She could say "Oh heavens, I forgot, my mother has come today, I totally forgot, she wouldn't like me bringing people in when she's asleep."
  3. "I always go to bed in a black raincoat," Pauline said.
  4. Nessa and Pauline got their mugs immediately. In an hour they were all friends.
  5. She was such a worthless person that they didn't even want to discuss it.
  6. It was poor chance that they had gone the same weekend.
  7. Jo had not been told that she had too much imagination.

Find equivalent words in Russian.

Also make 3 sentences with each of the words or phrases.

  1. gang
  2. afterwards
  3. cheeks redden with shame
  4. to tremble
  5. neat as a pin
  6. dreadful
  7. worthless
  8. to make arrangements
  9. to make a fortune
  10. to make huge amount of trouble over nothing


Write an advertisement for the party of the nurses.