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Assignment for 2011-12-06 (PM1)


Read Flat in Ringsand pp 34-43 and answer the following.

Look through the text and answer the questions

  1. "She put on her black dress and her big earrings, then she took them off." Why?
  2. Did Jo like the party?
  3. What did the nurses know about Nessa and Pauline?
  4. Why was the party stopped? Who was to blame?
  5. How did Jo get acquainted with Mickey and Sean?
  6. What did they advise Jo to do?

Agree or disagree using the following phrases

certainly, of course, sure, you are right, quite correct; I'm afraid that's wrong, on the contrary, surely not, you are mistaken... etc.

  1. Then the door of the downstairs flat opened and the heat and noise flooded out into the hall. There were about fifty people squashed into the rooms.
  2. She was packed into a group of bright-faced, laughing people, and she felt as green as her sweater and skirt.
  3. Nessa and Pauline were dead, murdered by drunks, and here she was talking about telephones to some fool.
  4. 'Burned to death, both of them. Both of them burned to bloody death.'
  5. It had been a room full of smoke and drink and music and people dancing and people talking about everything.
  6. The two men thought that everybody in the party was firing things at them so they threw one stone before leaving.
  7. Some of the men helped to pick the last bit of broken glass out, and a sheet of thin metal was found to put over the hole.

Find Russian equivalents. Describe the situations where they are used. Make 3 sentences using each.

  1. Wide awake
  2. disaster
  3. to bleed
  4. admittance
  5. residential area
  6. to faint
  7. evidence
  8. reception
  9. to burst into
  10. self-centered
  11. grand

Answer the following questions

  1. What is this story about?
  2. Did you like the main character or not? Why?
  3. Which character did you like more? Why?
  4. What pictures could you imagine while reading the story? What helped you to see them?
  5. What is your attitude towards the story? Did you like it or not? Why?
  6. Make a prediction on the topic "In a year/decade Jo ..."

Assignment for 2011-11-28


Flat in Ringsand pp 24-34.


  1. Was Jo glad to invite Gerry and Christy? What were they going to do/ What did Jo think about it?
  2. How did Jo's flat mates react when Jo and the men came home? Were they offended?
  3. how did jo feel in the morning?
  4. Was she conscience-stricken the whole day long? Did she practice her apologies?
  5. How long had Jo been in Dublin?
  6. Had Jo a temptation to run away home?

Agree or disagree

Use the following: certainly, of course, sure, you are right, quite correct; I'm afraid that's wrong, on the contrary, surely not, you are mistaken. Do not simply state "Yes" or "No"

  1. She knew that she could turn to them in the brightly lit street and say "I'm sorry, I've changed my mind."
  2. She could say "Oh heavens, I forgot, my mother has come today, I totally forgot, she wouldn't like me bringing people in when she's asleep."
  3. "I always go to bed in a black raincoat," Pauline said.
  4. Nessa and Pauline got their mugs immediately. In an hour they were all friends.
  5. She was such a worthless person that they didn't even want to discuss it.
  6. It was poor chance that they had gone the same weekend.
  7. Jo had not been told that she had too much imagination.

Find equivalent words in Russian.

Also make 3 sentences with each of the words or phrases.

  1. gang
  2. afterwards
  3. cheeks redden with shame
  4. to tremble
  5. neat as a pin
  6. dreadful
  7. worthless
  8. to make arrangements
  9. to make a fortune
  10. to make huge amount of trouble over nothing


Write an advertisement for the party of the nurses.

Assignment for 2011-11-22

Write a short "speech" which you would present describing your dream for the society. You can describe any issue which you like in there. Make it approximately 2 paragraphs long.

Assignment for 2011-11-15

Please read the following poem for tomorrow's lesson.


Democracy will not come
Today, this year
Nor ever
Through compromise and fear.

I have as much right
As the other fellow has
To stand
On my two feet
And own the land.

I tire so of hearing people say,
Let things take their course.
Tomorrow is another day.
I do not need my freedom when I'm dead.
I cannot live on tomorrow's bread.

Is a strong seed
In a great need.

I live here, too.
I want freedom
Just as you.

Langston Hughes

You may also read about the poet on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langston_Hughes.

Assignment for 2011-11-14 (CP1)


Please read a small sonnet by William Shakespeare. And translate its meaning into Russian. Of course, there is no need to make a poem out of your translation, you can just translate it as a normal text.

Archaic vocabulary

Thou - You

Thy and Thine - Your

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