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PC2 - Assignment for 19th of March

A story nobody told

You have already read this article for the past lesson. Keeping it in mind write a letter from Bridget's lawyer to the newspaper raising the following questions: Why didn't it cover Bridget's story? and Why it covered Ruth's story? Give your opinion on the importance of Bridget's story and the treatment of ethnic minorities in the media.

Note: This is not in any way a legal document, it is a simple letter to the editor. There is no reason to make it more complicated than it really is.

I love my electronic ball and chain

Read this article and understand what it is talking about. Be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Where on her body does Mino wear her tag?
  • how many prisoners are being monitored?
  • Is Mina positive about the scheme?
  • What is Mina worried about and why?
  • How does the Home Office say the system will manage violations?
You will get a written assignment on this article for the following week.