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Assignment for 2011-11-22


For this assignment you will need to read The Coward by V.S. Naipaul.


Which statements are true, and which are false? Provide proof from the text.

  1. People feared Big Foot because he was big and black.

  2. Big Foot was a well-known character in Port of Spain.

  3. Big Foot changed a few jobs but he was not successful at an of them.

  4. According to Hat, Big Foot beat his parents three times a day after meals.

  5. There were very few Americans in Port of Spain at the time.

  6. When Big Foot was a child he was bullied by other boys because he was very thin and couldn't run at all.

  7. The incident with the dog showed the author some secret traits of Big Foot's personality.

  8. People grew more afraid of Big Foot when he took up boxing.

  9. Hat was glad that Big Foot has lost the boxing fight with the Englishman.

  10. The Englishman was a boxing champion.


Rewrite the text section that starts on the page 57 in such a way that characters speak English proper (no Trinidadian and other slang).